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Tibial Torsion

What is tibial torsion?

Tibial torsion refers to how the lower leg is rotated in relation to the thigh bone. It can be rotated towards the body, (internal tibial torsion) or rotated outwards (external tibial torsion).

What causes internal tibial torsion in infants?

It is believed that the position of the baby’s legs in the womb and during sleep may have contributed to internal tibial torsion. Although internal rotation of the tibial may have been present since infancy, the ‘twisting’ of the leg when the child start walking may alarm the parents.

What is the management for tibial torsion?

Conservative management is the first line of treatment. Special shoes and orthotics are not effective in this case. The prescription for this problem is usually monitoring and an active lifestyle for preschool children. Internal tibial torsion is usually self correctable by age 7-8 years old with weight bearing and exercises. For the older children, physiotherapist will carry out an assessment to find out if there is any muscle imbalance causing the torsion in tibial. Exercises will be then be prescribed according to the findings.







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