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When and how to start tummy time

When should I start my baby on tummy time?

You can start tummy time as early as the first week after delivery. You may want to start with very short practice. For instance, every time after you bath your baby, you can put him/her for a while on the tummy. As long as you child can endure without making much fuss, you can play with him/her on her tummy. Attract the baby’s attention with your voice. Go down to your baby’s eye level. Sing to your baby, talk and touch him/her. All these gesture will reassure your baby that the tummy position is harmless. As your baby grows, the endurance for tummy time will improve. NEVER leave your baby unattended while he is on tummy.

My child really hates tummy time. What should I do?

These are some other methods to promote tummy time:

1. Lying on parent’s chest.

  • parent can lie on the floor, with a pillow behind your back
  • make yourself comfortable because babies can sense your anxiety
  • Place your child on your chest. Talk and sing to him. Baby loves their mother’s voice.

2. Carry your child in the tummy down position. Light swaying accompanied with music or song usually does the trick

3. If you child has poor endurance to tummy time, you can start with a slight incline position rather than fully flat on the bed. You can use a roll of towel to be placed under the chest to help the baby lift up his head. You may want to try this at 2-3months of age when the baby has slightly stronger neck.

Do not give up on tummy time. Your baby will get use to the position with practice. And soon, they will be enjoying it!

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