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Gross Motor Milestone (12-18months)

At 12 months

At 12 months, your child may take his very first independent step.  Independent walking is a very important milestone. It represents a new phase of the child’s development, being independent from caregiver and able to explore new things on his own that used to be out of reach. With the new found skill, he will be a more confident baby. He will be constantly challenging his walking and balance skills on different terrians and falling occasionally. It is definitely alright to fall, as no baby can learn how to walk without falling.

As walking balance improves, your child will be able to multitask. He will be able to walk and hold his favourite toy at the same time. He will also be learning to lower himself from standing into sitting position with increasing control.

At 18 months

Your child has been perfecting the basic gross motor skills for the past 18 months and is now ready for more advance skills. He will be able to climb up the staircase with assistance, a step at a time. He will be able to kick a ball in standing, although with a poor sense of direction. He will be able to walk fast, and attempting to run. This is the age that you can introduce your child to a tricycle, or a balance bike.

18 months is usually considered the cut off month for a child learning to walk independently. If your child is still not walking independently at this stage, you may want to seek an expert opinion on your child’s motor development.

  • Gross Motor Milestone Brochure

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Developmental Milestones

What are developmental milestones?

Developmental milestones are important phases of a child’s life that mark his/her gross motor, fine motor, speech and social skills development.

What is gross motor skill?

Gross motor skills are skills acquired by a person to move their body, such as kneeling, transiting from sitting to standing, swaying a bat to hit a ball, running and jumping. It also involves trunk control and balance skills, preventing the body from falling during task such as walking, single leg standing and climbing stairs.

What is fine motor skill?

Fine motor skills are skills that involve precision to complete a task. Examples of fine motor skill are writing, buttoning of shirt and feeding.


Gross Motor Developmental Milestones

0-6 months

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